Gel Nail Lamps & Nail Brushes Newcastle


Including Gel UV LED Lamps, UV Nail Drying Lamps, Nail Art & Dust Brushes Newcastle

Anyone who works with gel nail will know how important it is to have a quality gel UV LED nail lamp. Gel nail polish needs UV light to cure, UV nail lamps will help to speed us this process and make it happen within a specified amount of time.

At Allure Nails we understand the importance of having a nail drying lamp that is safe to use for our customers. That is why we have gel nail lamps that are available to buy.

Our UV gel lamps, are cordless and rechargeable. They also come with the ability to detach the bottom try for pedicure use. They also have low power and high power modes so they can work around your needs. To make sure they are safe, they have an automatic hand sensor, meaning they will switch off when nothing is underneath the light.

You can trust they are perfect for use as these are the ones our nail technicians use and swear by!

Not only do you need a great nail lamp, but you also need nail art brushes for those smaller details.

We have a few brushes on offer to cover everything you would need. We have a fine detailer available for all those tricky shapes, and to give a great crisp edge on small details.

Filing nails down can be a messy job, which is why it doesn’t hurt to have a brush to help clean up the mess. We now have a new brush coming out, that is a nail dust brush, perfect for keeping a clean workstation.


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